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Terms & Conditions

1. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes for the enrolled period and behave in an appropriate manner to both the tutor and other students. If a student behaves inappropriately then Mindful Maths tutoring reserves the right to discontinue tuition for that student. Payment will not be refundable.

2. If a student needs to discontinue tutoring during the enrolled period then a refund will not apply unless due to unforeseen circumstances. A refund would apply under these circumstances subject to documented evidence as may be requested by Mindful Maths Tutoring.  The refund would be made for the balance of sessions after the time of notice.

3. If a student does not attend a scheduled class without minimum 24 hours’ notice then Mindful Maths tutoring reserves the right to charge the session in full without rescheduling. Cancellation must be notified by phone or SMS message to the director of Mindful Maths Tutoring.

4. Mindful Maths Tutoring must be notified of any absence of more than 2 weeks expected during the term. Notification is to be made prior to the commencement of the school term. Should such notification not be made then a refund and/or rescheduling will not apply.

5. Only one makeup session is available each term if there are missed lessons. This is to be rescheduled within the same term as there will be no reimbursement for missed lessons. Lessons are not carried over between terms and not deducted from the next terms payment. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact Mindful Maths tutoring to organize rescheduled lessons.

6. Rescheduled sessions may be in groups only depending on session availability.

7. If the tutor is unable to attend scheduled classes then the session would be rescheduled.

8. If the student arrives late to class then the loss of time will not be compensated and the session will still finish at the scheduled time.

9. Parents are requested to arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before the end of each session for debriefing of the session.

10. If changes of session times are requested within the enrolled period, then the student may be required to attend alternative group sessions should there be no other time available.

11. Where a student has been enrolled in a group session, additional students may be allocated to that group throughout the enrolled period. A group will consist of a maximum of 4 students where under the supervision of one Tutor (Qualified and experienced Mathematics teacher). Groups of five students may be scheduled but an additional tutor would be allocated.


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