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Through our research we have found the two most common mindsets students have are 'Fixed' and 'Growth' mindsets.

During our time together we take pride in teaching your children key characteristics of a 'Growth Mindset' to ensure that not only they can get the most out of our teaching, but feel inspired and eager to learn.

At Mindful Maths, we understand the mindset and approach students take when it comes it learning is paramount for how effectively they learn.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset

A student with a fixed mindset believes that their intelligence is set. They will usually make comments such as:​

  • "Either I'm good at it or not"​

  • "This maths is boring and no matter what I do I wont be able to succeed in it."​

  • "It's easy for him or her as they were born with a Maths brain"

Growth Mindset

A student with a Growth Mindset believes that skills and intellect can be developed through effort and perseverance. They will usually make comments such as:​

  • "I want to learn new things"​

  • "My mistakes in Maths help me learn"​

  • "With effort and practise I can improve"

Embracing the

Growth Mindset 

"At Mindful Maths Tutoring, we passionately advocate for the adoption of a Growth Mindset in our students, understanding its profound impact on their learning journey. The Growth Mindset is foundational to our teaching philosophy because it transforms challenges into opportunities and failures into lessons."

           -Susie Gattuso, Founder & Director at Mindful Maths

In our tutoring sessions, we employ strategies that foster a Growth Mindset. We praise effort over innate ability, encourage students to set challenging yet achievable goals, and provide constructive feedback that focuses on process and improvement.

Our tutors serve not only as educators but also as mentors who guide students towards embracing challenges, persevering through difficulties, and ultimately, realising their full potential.

At Mindful Maths Tutoring, we don't just teach math; we aim to instil a mindset that will empower students throughout their academic careers and beyond. By nurturing a Growth Mindset, we help pave the way for our students to become not just better learners, but lifelong learners.

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