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Mindful Maths Tutoring is founded and managed by Susie Gattuso. Having taught for over 20 years in secondary Catholic schools, Susie has extensive knowledge and experience in Mathematics education.

Mindful Maths Tutoring was created from Susie Gattuso's dedication to detailed tutoring, an interest in mindsets and her passion for teaching. Her vision for a caring and meticulous educational experience is the heart of our approach.

Meet Mindful Maths Tutoring

At Mindful Maths Tutoring, we go beyond mere memorisation, focusing instead on igniting a passion for learning and developing confident, critical thinkers. Our approach is deeply personalised, tailoring methods to unveil and nurture each student's distinct potential. With a commitment to innovation, we provide tutoring experiences that are not only effective but also engaging and interactive.


Our dedication is to journey with you every step of the way, offering guidance, encouragement, and inspiration, as we empower your child to achieve their highest potential.​

Our Commitment

Welcome to Mindful Maths Tutoring, a privately owned tutoring centre dedicated to guiding students toward their academic goals. We understand that success in learning encompasses more than just academic assistance; it requires emotional support, confidence, and a comfortable learning environment. Our tutors, experienced secondary school teachers with a deep understanding of the Victorian curriculum, are committed to addressing the individual needs of each student. They not only impart knowledge but also foster a growth mindset, teaching students to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and celebrate progress. This approach underpins our belief that every student has the potential to excel and flourish in their educational journey. At Mindful Maths Tutoring, we provide a supportive and nurturing environment that cultivates positivity, resilience, and success.

Our Teachers

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