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Mindful Maths Tutoring is managed and founded by Susie Gattuso. Having taught for over 20 years in secondary Catholic schools, Susie has extensive knowledge and experience in Mathematics education.


Susie has developed support programs in schools for Year 7, assisting students to progress more easily from Primary to secondary school Mathematics.

These programs have included diagnostic testing  of Year 7 students and the preparation of a Year 7 Mathematics program individualised for each student. Susie has worked closely with students in schools in small groups and assisting students with their Mathematics in the classrooms from Year 7 to Year 11. She has also taught enrichment Mathematics classes, conducted morning Mathematics programs and after school homework clubs. 

Susie is passionate about improving students confidence and self-belief in their mathematical ability. She also has a strong interest in the research of mindfulness techniques and in the alteration of a students mindset. Susie has completed an online professional development course to assist educators in developing a growth mindset in students. This change in mindset will alter a students' perception of Mathematics and improve their learning.


Mindful Maths tutors are all experienced Primary and Secondary teachers with extensive knowledge of the Victorian Curriculum. 


Prep - Grade 6



Year 7-10 



Year 11-12

General Mathematics (Units 1 and 2)

Further Mathematics (Units 3 and 4)

Mathematical Methods (Units 1 to 4)

Chemistry (Units 1 to 4)

English (Units 1 to 4)

English Language (Units 1 to 4)

English Literature (Units 1 to 4)

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