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Mindful Maths Tutoring is a privately owned tutoring centre that focuses on a holistic approach to student learning. Students thoughts, emotions and beliefs can affect their learning at school and at home. Mindful Maths tutors are Primary and Secondary teachers with extensive knowledge in catering for the individual needs of students. They work closely with their students to promote self-belief and confidence in a caring environment.  Our highly skilled team provides tuition to students from Grade 2 to Year 12 in Mathematics, English and Chemistry.  Feedback on the students' progress is provided to parents throughout the term.

​Test anxiety describes feelings of fear, tension, apprehension or worry during tests. Students may often find themselves losing concentration and experiencing difficulties to complete the set work. Mindful Maths tutoring  provides students with guidance and practice of skills to retain concepts. The use of mindfulness and breathing techniques assists students in becoming more relaxed and focused when completing their work during class and at home. 


With the appropriate instruction and techniques, students at Mindful Maths Tutoring are able to alter from Fixed to Growth Mindset,  improving confidence and  performance.

Mindful Maths Tutoring also aims to cater for students who would like to be extended in their subjects and achieve higher  academic results.  Students are provided with revision strategies for topic tests, exams and VCE school based assessments.

In addition to tuition mindfulness sessions are also available.



Susie Gattuso

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