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Private Tuition

Individual tuition are one hour weekly sessions available for Year levels 7 - 12. Teachers will assist the student with their class work , revise skills and teach the concepts that are in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum.  Additional work or practise tests may be provided depending on the students needs.


Structure of a maths lessson

Teachers have experience in assessing Mathematical skills using diagnostic testing and will administer a program to cater for the students' needs and abilities.


In each session students complete any homework they have had difficulties with and also summarise their work in a notes/summary book.

Students are provided with revision worksheets and supplementary work when required. They are taught mathematical concepts required for their year level.

Each student is given the opportunity to work ahead of the topic taught in their Mathematics class.

Tuition sessions are conducted according to the learning needs and academic goals of the student.


Group Tuition

Group sessions are one hour weekly sessions available for Prep to Year 12. Group sessions consist of a maximum of 4 students.

Primary school students will be given a diagnostic assessment and work will be planned weekly for each student. Students will be able to work on English or Maths skills within the tuition session.

Secondary school students will be grouped according to their year level and school where possible. Each student will be assisted individually with their class work and will be exposed to new concepts within the tutoring session. 

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ONLINE lesson

Online sessions will be available with a teacher using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Students will have the opportunity to screen-share, view a whiteboard and ask questions. 

Online sessions are available one-on-one or in a group.

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