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The cabaret scene was clearly visible from the gaming hall through a huge archway. There used to be a big 200 year old oak door, but our far-sighted management decided that the players should be entertained while playing and take money from them even to the music. So I'll stand, wait until the can-can is over This is not hard work - waiting for other people's "denyushki" to the music, especially since after the weekend I have strength and a great mood.

With handsome Edik, four days flew by like one night. Still, it's great that we have a long weekend, not like mere mortals - Saturday-Sunday, and that's it: hello, Monday, hello, work. True, in order to live up to the legally earned four days of freedom, I need to defend eight shifts of twelve hours in the gaming hall on hated heels, smiling at such majors. Although it's not hard to smile like that. Funny guys, not greedy, not evil, they love cancan... And I loved them, my players, and cancan, and my crazy "casino" job.


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