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COVID-19 Information

As Australia responds to challenges posed by COVID-19 , Mindful Maths Tutoring would like to support families with their children's learning through these difficult times. Mindful Maths Tutoring is offering online tuition to all current and new students . Families will receive a 10 % discount when ordering a term package or a 5 lesson package of tutoring sessions.

The Media is continuing to strongly portray a level of uncertainty in relation to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. However we are guided by Authorities on how best we can cooperate and take precautions to minimise any impact.


Although we acknowledge this uncertainty, we will be offering online tuition to all students by our teachers. If the government guidelines allow us working at our Heidelberg centre, then in addition to online tutoring we will be also tutoring face to face in the centre. However, we will be diligent by taking the necessary following precautions in accordance with current best practices.


  • Every student and teacher will wash their hands thoroughly with soap as they enter the centre. Separate paper towel will be used for each student to dry their hands.

  • Shaking of hands to be avoided.

  • Students are to bring their own stationary and only use their own during the session. Please ensure your child brings the stationary to the session until further notice.

  • Students will be separated so that there is at least 1.5 metres distance between each student and teacher.

  • Teachers will teach at the board rather than sitting next to or near the student.

  • We have provided our tutors with the necessary hygiene products to ensure we are doing our best possible to safeguard and prevent cross-contamination. Hospital grade wipes will be used to clean the tables after each use and sanitisers available to students.

  • We have and will be asking any staff members who are showing signs or symptoms of illness to remain at home and seek medical advice only to return to tutoring duties once cleared of any significant illness. Should the student show any signs or symptoms of illness then we request that the student also be medically cleared of any significant illness prior to returning to tutoring sessions.


We note that tutoring sessions are individual or in very small groups at any one time. Our centre is well above the mandated requirement for one person every 4 square metres. Should face-to-face teaching and interaction be mandated by the Authorities to temporarily cease for tutoring centres we will continue to use our online platform using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This will allow interactive tutoring with your sons/daughters to continue their learning with us. 


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and look forward to your continuing support. 

Take care and keep safe,

Susie Gattuso

Manager and Founder

A message from our Founder regarding COVID-19 safety.

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