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Presenter : Jim Demetriou

Teacher of Proactive Mindfulness

  Mission and Impact

This program is suitable for students from Grade 4- Year 9. At Proactive Mindfulness, our mission is to provide children with the skills that will help them to develop confidence and happiness along with a positive mindset which will lead to a more fulfilling life. We are always striving as parents, or educators, to create a nurturing environment that allows our children to grow and flourish.  Our structured Proactive Mindfulness sessions aim to instil the attitude, behaviour and mindset that enables children to function at their very best. The proven mindfulness methodologies, strategies and techniques will be a fun and rewarding experience and one that children will definitely benefit from. As children move from their less than satisfactory current state of feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty, to the more positive desired states. 

We all see the world through our own unique lens and children are no different. The quality and current state of any child’s life is not about the events that occur on a daily basis but rather by the meaning they give to those events.  

In order to make real and long lasting change, our major role is to facilitate the exploration of any child’s needs, motivations, skills, desires and the necessary mindset for achieving worthwhile outcomes. The specific modules employed are filled with fun activities and are simple to follow. They also allow for the advent of the solutions and actions to bring about change. When children understand their own unique behavioural profile and the words they use to communicate together with the value system that drives them, the choices they make on a daily basis become relevant. Furthermore, the goals they are striving for are realistic and achievable. 

Our carefully planned modules are interconnected and paves the way for any child to gain a thorough understanding of themselves and those around them. The process of attaining mindfulness will transform a child’s thinking, behaviour and actions. This transformation is life changing and carried forward into their teenage and adult lives as they are now aware of the proactive behaviours that best serve them and the mindfulness required for strong personal growth.


A brief overview of the modules covered:

1. The Wheel of Life (listing of 8 priorities) 

This involves listing the 8 priorities that are the most important to young children. The module aims to take a snapshot of a child’s current levels of satisfaction in each priority and then to address those that need to be worked on in order to have a balanced life.


2. Behavioural Profiling (DISC)

This module aims to shed light on the distinct character traits of each child. Some children are loud and want to be noticed, while others are quiet and shy away from the limelight.


3. Modalities (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Auditory Digital)

We all learn differently and understanding the way information is received and processed by children is crucial. This module explores the modalities that enhance a child’s learning capacity, thus producing a clear pathway to sustained improvement at school and other areas of their life.


4. Effective Communication Skills (Creating Rapport)

This module will help children understand some of the basic things they need to do when communicating with others. Proper eye contact, the speed they talk with and the words they use are just some of the things we will examine. 


5. Values (top 5 highest order values) 

Knowing a child’s unique values allows us to work on what ultimately drives their actions. We all have important values such as honesty which filters through all aspects of our life, i.e. school, home, relationships, etc. Hence, when you understand the values that give your life purpose and meaning, you can begin to align your daily life with your overall goals.


6. Goal Setting (using the SMARTER format)

All children want to achieve some level of success in life. However, things don’t just happen. An action plan that may include daily, weekly and monthly goals will be carefully outlined to give children clear guidance. This helps to also reduce confusion and frustration with the lack of achieving desired outcomes.

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